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Assisted Fill-in-the-Blank

General   won Fort Donelson and Fort Henry. He later became the leader of all Union Troops.


November 19th 1863, July 4th 1864, July 4th 1863, January 15th 1863    

The Gettysburg Address took place on .


Directions: Match the following pairs.
Clues Answers
1) secede (A)Underground Railroad
2) Frederick Douglass (B)to withdraw formally from membership in an organization, association, or alliance.
3) Ulysses S. Grant (C)1st Battle of Civil War
4) Abraham Lincoln (D)abolitionist and orator
5) Harriet Tubman (E)President of the United States
6) Bull Run (F)Union General

Multiple Choice

This Confederate general was accidently shot by his own men?
   A )  Sherman    B )  Stuart
   C )  Stonewall Jackson    D )  McClellan

True / False

Ulysses S. Grant served as the American President.

Free Response

This is a condition of being freed from oppression, bondage or restraint. (Hint: starts with an "e")

Answer Here :

Questions With Added Pictures

He has a bedroom in this building?
   A )  Stonewall Jackson    B )  George B. McClellan
   C )  Abraham Lincoln    D )  George G. Meade